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Time Logo 50 Best iPhone Apps, 2013 Edition »
09/16/2013 – "In the dark ages, you had to pick up the phone to order food to be delivered to your house. Things eventually got better when we found ourselves able to order online..."
Associated Press Logo GrubHub, Seamless Complete Combination »
08/09/2013 – "Rivals Seamless and GrubHub said Friday that they have completed their combination, creating an online takeout company covering about 25,000 restaurants in 500 cities..."
ABC Nightline Logo Take-Out Nation: Inside »
06/28/2013 – "A new company called Seamless is transforming the food industry one click at a time and it's reach is only growing..."
Seamless Logo Seamless Reveals Seamless and GrubHub Announce Merger »
05/20/2013 – "Seamless North America LLC and GrubHub Inc. today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to merge two of the nation’s premier services for ordering takeout. The merger will create a combined company well positioned to drive more orders to restaurants, deliver a better experience for hungry diners and enhance services to corporate clients..."
Fast Company Logo How Funny Tweets Win You New Customers »
08/05/2013 – "Seamless inspired serious Twitter love when the company kept delivering meals to hungry New Yorkers during Hurricane Sandy. But the company keeps the orders flowing in thanks to a steady stream of tongue-in-cheek tweets...
Mashable Logo Seamless: How a Dot-Com Startup Adapted to Changing Tastes »
07/25/2013 – "No tech company survives for more than a decade without making at least a few big changes, and Seamless is no exception..."
Fox Business Logo Taking Over the Take-Out Industry »
07/02/2013 – "[Zabusky] said he was always looking to revolutionize an industry…he just didn’t know which one or how. Then he found Seamless: A company that took a seemingly established industry and turned it on its head..."
Buzzfeed Logo You Know You’re A Finance Intern When… »
06/26/2013 – "Seriously, company-expensed meals have you bursting at the seams..."
Vanity Fair Logo Seamless's Jonathan Zabusky »
05/22/2013 – "The C.E.O of the online food-delivery giant uses his phone for more than just ordering in—though he does a lot of that, too!..."
Glamour Logo The Cheapest, Healthiest Takeout Foods for New Graduates »
05/22/2013 – "Today, Seamless released its Graduation Index, which evaluated 25 cuisine types based on their nutritional value, price, and leftover potential..."
Wall Street Journal Logo GrubHub and Seamless Create Combo Platter »
05/21/2013 – "GrubHub and Seamless, two nationwide startups used for ordering restaurant takeout by smartphone and computer, said they would merge on Monday..."
Reuters Logo Online takeout companies GrubHub and Seamless to merge »
05/21/2013 – "Two of the nation's biggest online food delivery businesses said they are merging in a deal that they hope will drive more orders, in more cities, through their platforms..."
Bloomberg Businessweek Logo GrubHub, Seamless, and the Importance of the Purchase »
05/20/2013 – "The best review is a purchase. That’s one truth underneath today’s announcement that GrubHub and Seamless, the Big Two of online food delivery, are merging..."
Huffington Post Logo The Banana Stand Has A Seamless Page, Everything Is Perfect »
05/13/2013 – "...Seamless just created a special "Arrested Development" themed page. It's amazing, to say the least..."
Entertainment Weekly Logo How much could one banana cost? $10, according to 'Arrested Development' -- and Seamless »
05/13/2013 – "The good news: You can, however, ogle the stand’s eclectic menu no matter where you live, thanks to the food delivery wizards at"
BuzzFeed Logo 23 Signs You've Lived In New York City Too Long »
05/06/2013 – "You’ve Seamlessed lunch and dinner in the same day and not given..."
Huffington Post Logo NYC Start-ups: Growth of Silicon Alley »
04/30/2013 – "NYC's tech scene has been buzzing recently, especially with Mayor Bloomberg's Made in NY initiative..." Logo Your favorite food app is working to create a greener world »
04/18/2013 – "And this big app is making another big difference. It's always working to be a little greener..."
CBS News Logo April Fools' Day 2013 online roundup »
04/01/2013 – "Seamless is letting users "upgrade" the attractiveness of its delivery people..."
Time Logo April Fools’ Day 2013: The 10 Best Pranks From Around The Web »
04/01/2013 – "If you want a hot meal delivered by a hot guy or gal, check out’s new “Deluxe Delivery” service..."
Bon Appetit Logo The Midnight Express: Seamless Reveals Data on Late-Night Delivery »
03/1/2013 – "There's always plenty of anecdotal evidence about how America's biggest cities do food differently...But it's nice to get some cold, hard data every once in a while. Seamless...just released some numbers on how Americans eat late at night, and there are some surprising little factoids in there...."
FOX Business Logo
Order Your Food Delivery on Your iPad

03/11/2013 – "Seamless CEO Jonathan Zabusky on the company’s online and mobile service for ordering delivery from restaurants."
Mobile Commerce Daily Logo Seamless exec: On weekends, more than 50pc of orders are placed via mobile »
02/26/2013 – "Seamless is seeing mobile play a big role in the company’s ongoing efforts, with more consumers turning to their smartphones and tablets to place their favorite orders..."
BuzzFeed Logo 12 Amazing Tech Businesses Founded In New York City »
02/20/2013 – "In 1999, Seamless was created to make it easier for companies in the city to order food for their employees, and thankfully, the service was extended to individual customers in 2005 (which was the same year it had the fastest revenue growth of all tech-based companies in New York State)..."
Forbes Logo Motivation By Mouth: Does Free Food Make For A Happier Workplace? »
02/21/2013 – "Want to create a happier workplace? Give your employees free food! That is a conclusion drawn from a new survey of 1200 employees working in companies of 20 employees or more and conducted by Seamless..."
Redbook Logo When Eating Out is Good For You »
02/20/2013 – "Robyn Youkilis, national consultant for health for, shares the nutritious picks that should be on your plate, from the local deli to your favorite Italian joint...."
Reuters Logo Seamless to top $100 million in revenue this year: CEO »
02/13/2013 – "'Seamless will generate more than $100 million in revenue this year as the online food ordering service expands in new cities and benefits from a surge in mobile users,' Chief Executive Jonathan Zabusky said…"
Mashable Logo Seamless Shares Bizarre Special Requests From Flu Sufferers »
01/18/2013 – "Food delivery service Seamless knows about cold and flu season. Since 2013 began — and flu germs really started flying — Seamless has seen a 35 percent increase in chicken noodle soup orders compared to January 2012."
The Huffington Post Logo Chicken Noodle Soup: One Flu Metric We've Never Thought Of »
01/17/2013 – "...[T]hanks to the popular food delivery site, Seamless, we have the most fun (if not the most scientifically sound) measure of all: The Chicken Noodle Soup Index."
Glamour Logo An Easy, Adorable (and Tasty) Last Minute Valentine's Day Surprise for Your Guy »
01/14/2013 – "Online food ordering service Seamless clued us in to some silly but sweet Valentine's Day requests their users submitted last February 14th for making an ordinary delivery filled with love."
Complex Logo The 50 Best Apps of 2012 »
12/11/2012 – "The Seamless app for iPad is our favorite food delivery app for a number of reasons. It's elegantly and intuitively designed, it's quick, and it enhances the already great experience."
The Daily News logo, which offers thousands of restaurant menus, expands into Queens »
12/12/2012 – "[] A popular website that allows foodies to browse through thousands of restaurant menus online has expanded into Queens. [The website], which also offers reviews and ratings, is expected to spur hungry diners from other boroughs to Queens eateries, culinary experts said."
Complex logo Seamless: Ordering up results »
11/26/2012 – "CEO Jonathan and expanded Seamless into an international operation nimble enough to make it through the most trying circumstances, like Hurricane Sandy. A staple among urbanites, Seamless is now voted One of the Best Free Apps" for smartphones and tablets."
The Washington Post logo From Seamless, an easier way to manage corporate spending on food »
11/18/2012 – "Akin Gump has transitioned to a food-ordering and management system called Seamless to ease the burden. Seamless is a system that allows a company to place, track and pay for all of its food delivery orders in one place. The company receives just one bill, which simplifies processing for administrators and saves them time."
Fast Company logo How Seamless Defied Sandy, Kept The Hot Meals Coming, And Inspired Twitter Love »
11/2/2012 – "Times of crisis offer companies memorable opportunities to either pleasantly surprise or royally tick off their customer bases in a way that can reveal something (nice or not so) about the company's leadership and culture. Here, Zabusky shares the most important lessons he learned about staving off complaints, and even delighting customers, during a difficult week."
ABC News logo Hurricane Sandy: Delivery Firm Copes With Chaos »
10/29/12 – "In anticipation of stopped public transportation, canceled schools and rained-in apartment dwellers, online food and mobile technology company Seamless has been prepared for Hurricane Sandy well before President Obama declared a state of emergency in eight states and Washington, D.C."
Wall Street Journal logo
Aramark to Spin Off Takeout-Food Ordering Service Seamless (10/29/12)

he Huffington Post logo
The Best Free iPhone Apps: 19 Of Our Favorite iTunes Freebies For Your iPhone 5 (9/25/12)

Business Insider logo The APP 100: The World's Greatest Apps »
9/4/12 – "The App is well designed and fully automated."
TechCrunch logo Six Really Useful Apps for NYC »
8/14/12 – "Seamless: Whatever food you want delivered to your door at all hours. Does it get any better? Trust me my friends, it does not."
Fortune Magazine logo Seamless knows what you want for lunch
7/13/12 – "Greek food if it's raining. Hamburgers over hot dogs almost any day. The innovative ordering company has reinvented tradition -- lunch -- via the web."
Business Insider logo Attention Wall Street: Here Are The Most Delicious Ways To Spend Your Dinner Stipend On Seamless
7/13/12 – "We know New York City's bankers, accountants and consultants spend precious work time mulling over what to order for dinner, so we pulled together a few meal suggestions on Seamless to make their decisions a little easier."
Mobile Commerce Daily logo Lot18 exec: 25pc of revenue comes from mobile
5/21/12 – "Jonathan Zabusky, CEO of Seamless, New York, also spoke on the panel about how the online company is quickly beginning to take a mobile-first approach to its business strategy."
he Huffington Post logo Fresh Start for Seamless
5/7/12 – "Founded in 2000, Seamless (as in don't-call-us-'Seamless-Web'-we've-rebranded) flourished in the post dot com era as a web-based food delivery service, was acquired six years ago, and then spun out again last year. The spin out came with new capital and a renewed focus on product (think mobile) and innovation (think more mobile). It's a fresh start - a born again startup."
TabTimes logo Seamless aims to be the Netflix of food delivery
4/23/12 – "In the hustle and bustle of New York and other major American cities, the crunch for time has necessitated that more and more people are ordering food online for delivery and pickup, eliminating the tedious process of dialing a restaurant and having an order misheard."
Mashable logo 7 New Apps You Don't Want to Miss »
3/2/2012 – "Seamless makes it easy to order food for delivery. Its new iPad app — with its giant photos of food — makes it pretty, too."
Fast Company logo Seamless Makes Smooth Food Deliveries Despite Dealing With 3,500 Fax Machines »
2/29/2012 – "Pick a restaurant on Seamless, the online food-ordering service, and with just a few clicks, your meal will be ready for pickup or delivery. It's a slick experience, made even slicker by Tuesday's release of Seamless' iPad app. But on the back end, the experience is anything but seamless, a minefield of 8,000 restaurants, each with different requirements, resources, and technical capabilities."
GigaOM logo Can Seamless become a Yelp competitor? »
2/29/2012 – "Seamless, a favorite resource for connecting restaurants and delivery-dependent diners, built its business helping companies order meals for its workers. But the company is now trying to become a much more consumer-focused business, and it’s now looking to the mounds of data it gathers to try to accelerate the transformation."
Bloomberg logo Seamless's Zabusky on Growth, IPad Application »
2/28/2012 – "Jonathan Zabusky, chief executive officer of Seamless, talks about the growth of the online food-ordering service and the company's new application for Apple Inc.'s iPad."
Bon Appetit logo Lazy People Rejoice: Seamless Now Has an iPad App »
2/28/2012 – “Seamless, the online restaurant delivery service, just released an iPad app that lets you to order a meal incredibly quickly from the rectangular confines of your favorite iOS device. And yes, it's better than their iPhone app."
AllThingsD logo Order Takeout "Seamlessly" on iPad »
2/28/2012 – "Seamless, the popular Web site for placing food takeout and delivery orders, has launched an iPad app after seeing mobile sales increase to more than 25 percent of all transactions, up from 1 percent just two years ago."
VentureBeat logo Seamless brings super simple food ordering to the iPad »
2/28/2012 – "Online food-ordering company Seamless has brought its ordering and menus to the iPad today — a move that hungry couch potatoes will likely applaud."
Gizmodo logo Seamless for iPad: The New Most Amazing Way to Be a Lazy Food Addict »
2/28/2012 – "The iPad app was created from scratch, and it shows. It's beautiful, yes—giant photos of your food, a surprisingly effective plate-based GUI—but it also offers a lot the website simply doesn't. Filtering is a swipe-based breeze, allowing you to look for a place that serves sushi and BBQ, for instance."
Mediabistro logo Cubes: VIP Office Tour of Seamless »
2/9/2012 – "The Seamless headquarters boasts an interactive Google Earth "weather wall," blood pressure-lowering chairs, a game room with foosball and ping-pong, and a bunch of other cool features."
Thrillist logo Seamless: These guys are desperate to bring you food »
2/6/2012 – "Computers can do so much… but up to this point, they’ve been woefully unable to spontaneously create tacos. Here to change all that: Seamless, a just-into-Miami web service that lets you lazily roll over, pause Season 3 of One Tree Hill on Netflix, and take about a three-mouseclick path to having men in cars with crappy signs on them bring you any food you want."
Business Insider logo Seamless Is Revolutionizing Customer Service On Twitter—Here's How They're Doing It »
1/17/2012 – "Seamless is absolutely killing it on Twitter, offering great deals to followers, responding to complaints in mere seconds, and even sometimes offering free food in exchange for answering trivia questions."
ABC logo
NYC Mayor Bloomberg Visits Seamless HQ (1/10/2012)
Daily News logo Online food-ordering company Seamless moves into new midtown digs, set to hire 50 more workers »
1/10/2012 - "Following in the footsteps of Web companies like Yelp and Google, online food ordering company Seamless has taken up residence in a sprawling, revamped Manhattan office space."
NBC New York logo Popular Takeout-Ordering Site to Open NYC Headquarters »
1/10/2012 - "Seamless announced the opening of its Sixth Avenue office Tuesday with Mayor Bloomberg on hand."
DNA Info logo Seamless Delivery's Arrival in Midtown Met by Popcorn-Hungry Bloomberg »
1/10/2012 - "Seamless online delivery celebrated its arrival in Midtown Tuesday, delivering Mayor Michael Bloomberg chicken soup and popcorn lunch [...]"
Business Insider logo Check Out The Swanky, Brand New Office Of Seamless »
12/27/2011 - "This month the company moved in a new office with stunning views of Bryant Park that is inspired by the many restaurants on Seamless' roster. [...]"
Mobile Commerce Daily logo American Express taps Seamless to expand cardmember offerings »
12/9/2011 - "American Express is adding Seamless to its Blue Savings Program [...]"
American Express logo Earn Free Food! »
12/8/2011 - "American Express Adds to Blue Savings Program®"
Business Insider logo Buy Four Meals On Seamless, Get Free Money From American Express »
12/8/2011 - "American Express and Seamless, the food ordering and delivery site, have partnered up."
The Next Web logo American Express will give you free money when you order takeout on »
12/8/2011 - "Today, American Express announced that it’s partnering with yet another New York City startup. This time it’s Seamless, a website for ordering delivery and takeout food, formerly known as SeamlessWeb."
Bloomberg logo Seamless Executive Zabusky on Growth, MenuPages (10/2/2011)
TechCrunch logo Online Food Ordering Service Seamless Buys Local Restaurant
Menu Directory MenuPages »

9/26/2011 - "Seamless will be expanding its reach beyond food ordering to become the resource for food and restaurant content, including menus, ratings, contact information, and reviews. [...]"
Lifehacker logo Most Popular Web-Based Food Delivery Service: Seamless »
8/16/2011 - "If you want to order food but you don't want to consult a pile of menus, turn to one of the many web services that let you open a browser or mobile app, pick [...]"
DnaInfo logo Online Takeout Site Seamless Joins Bike Safety Initiative »
8/3/2011 - "New Yorkers ordering takeout online may soon have to make a bigger decision than simply whether to get their dressing on the side. [...]"
The Next Web logo Interview with SeamlessWeb’s CEO on his shiny new website: "Seamless" »
8/1/2011 - "SeamlessWeb, a New York City born, internationally embraced food ordering delivery and takeout service dropped "Web" and is now just "Seamless" [...]"
Craigs logo SeamlessWeb Tweaks Its Name »
7/22/2011 - "Next week, SeamlessWeb, the online restaurant ordering service, is changing its name to Seamless and re-launching its website with many new bells [...]"
ClickZ logo SeamlessWeb Rebrands, Shifts to Mobile »
7/21/2011 - "Seamless Web, the restaurants e-commerce provider, is rebranding as Seamless in a move designed to underscore its new focus on mobile. [...]"
Fox News logo Celebs Reveal Their Most Beloved Apps »
6/24/2011 - "Which celebrity uses a smartphone to watch her weight? Who's bettering the world with an app? And what app gets the most celeb shout-outs? [...]"
Bostinnovation logo Mobile Now Represents 14% of SeamlessWeb’s Restaurant Orders; Boston Above Average »
5/2/2011 - "Still questioning the demand for mobile services? Mobile restaurant orders for SeamlessWeb increased 545% in seven months time from July 2010 when [...]"
Mobile Commerce Daily Logo QSRs Can Boost Frequency, Average Size of Orders via Mobile Apps »
4/12/2011 - "While mobile food ordering is still nascent, quick-service and fast-casual restaurant chains that have launched mobile applications with ordering capabilities [...]"
NYU Local logo 5 Essential Mobile Apps for Finding Food in NYC »
4/7/2011 - "If you’re having a Mamoun’s falafel sandwich for lunch everyday, it’s about time you found a new place to stuff your face. We’ve compiled a list of the best [...]"
Wonkette logo When the Internet Isn’t Busy Starting Revolutions, It Delivers Sandwiches »
2/8/2011 - "Now that we’re all destined to become fat sacks of trash, it’s especially important that Washingtonians be able to easily access their beloved foodstuffs. [...]"
Village Voice logo SeamlessWeb’s Free Coffee Days Return »
1/31/2011 - "There might be no such thing as a free lunch, but there is free coffee. Tomorrow is February 1, which means it's the start of SeamlessWeb's annual [...]"
Lifehacker logo Order Takeout from Anywhere with Your Smartphone and SeamlessWeb »
1/19/2011 - "iPhone/Android/BlackBerry: While there isn't anything wrong with calling a restaurant on the phone to order takeout, it isn't exactly convenient. With free app [...]"
Gizmodo logo SeamlessWeb App is Here to Feed Lazy Android Users »
1/18/2011 - "I'm not sure Giz's Sam Biddle would ever eat if not for SeamlessWeb, the web-based food delivery service. He just had a sandwich delivered and it's only [...]"
Mashable logo New Android App Makes for Easy Takeout & Delivery Anytime, Anywhere »
1/18/2011 - "We’ve just discovered a new Android app that makes ordering takeout or delivery food as easy as a few touchscreen taps — no matter what time of day or [...]"
Fox Business logo SeamlessWeb President on Ordering Food Online (2/7/2011)
Bloomberg logo Zabusky Says SeamlessWeb Helps "Mom and Pop" Shops (1/26/2011)
Shelly Palmer logo Shelly Palmer Chats with Jonathan Zabusky about SeamlessWeb (1/18/2011)
The Daily Meal logo The Dining Chronicles of Tribeca Celebrities »
1/12/2011 - "When it comes to hot spot celebrity neighborhoods in New York City, TriBeCa is one of the hottest. Food and fame often go hand in hand there [...]"
Grub Street logo Seeing the World Through Pastrami-Cured Glasses »
10/26/2010 - "So yes, pastrami is newly trendy. NYC Foodie liked the pastrami egg roll at Food Parc, but now At the Sign of the Pink Pig tries the croissant at Momofuku [...]"
Slash Food logo Take-Out Menus Turned Into Art »
10/20/2010 - "This weekend, there's going to be a 10-foot pastrami sandwich at the Brooklyn Flea, but, despite the fast-food bigger-is-better craze, no one will dare [...]"

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